Merry Christmas Baby - Pass the Pineapple


                                                                            Lead Vocals: Rick Smith

                                                                       Rhythm Guitar: Peter Cortens

                                                                            Lead Guitar: Chris Dunn

                                                                             Bass Guitar: J.B Hewitson

                                                                              Harmonica: Peter Cortens

                                                                                      Drums: Rick Smith

                                                                   Harmony Vocals: Chris Dunn, J.B Hewitson, Peter Cortens

                                                     Keyboard & Saxophone: Chris Denby

                                                                               Sleighbells: Humberto Pacheco



                                                Pass the Pineapple

                                                About three years ago a jam night was set up at a local restaurant. Chris Dunn                                                     

                                                spearheaded the jam night and was asking local musicians to come out and play.

                                                Peter Cortens and Rick Smith came out one night and along with Chris, things

                                                kind of clicked. They liked the same kinds of music [classic rock, blues, and country],

                                                and they looked forward to regular Saturday night get togethers.......Rick said he

                                               knew a great bass player that would fit right in. With J.B Hewitson on bass and vocals,

                                               Chris Dunn on Lead guitar and vocals, Peter Cortens on rhythm guitar, harmonica

                                               and vocals, and Rick Smith on drums and vocals, the whole thing came together.

                                               They continued jamming at the restaurant until they were asked to play at a Christmas

                                               Party for "cash money". Who could say no to that? Needing a band name to put

                                              on the tickets, and posters, Rick came up with "Pass the Pineapple" which really

                                              summed it up. And the rest is history.