Let It Snow - Nicole Fradsham


                                                                         Lead Vocals: Nicole Fradsham

                                                             Bass Guitar & Drums: Humberto Pacheco   

                                                                          Electric Guitar: Gary Borden



                                              Nicole Fradsham

                                               Nicole is a grade 10 student at Dryden High School. She started singing at the

                                               young age of 14........2003, and has performed on stage about six times. She was

                                               honoured to have the role as "Annie" for the Drama Club. This is considering she

                                               had never sang in public before. She entered the Thunder Bay High School "IDOL"

                                               competition, and has made it to the finals. What a great experience for a young lady

                                               to have already sang a song on a recording........"Let It Snow, Let It Snow"


                                           Gary Borden

                                            Gary is a Dryden grown guy.  He started his musical career out by playing drums,

                                            bass and guitar with the Borden Family Band. While living in Dryden he has had many

                                            an occasion to play with  Drydenís  finest musicians, whether it be at a talent show,

                                            coffee house, telethon,  weddings,   the Legion , the Moose, or just fun get together.

                                            Moving away from Dryden, Gary has become a seasoned musician who has gained

                                            respect from his peers through his talent, and creativity. He is a graduate of Musicianís

                                            Institute of Technology, in Hollywood California, and has played and recorded with

                                            some of Canadaís top artists.  He has worked with several great producers including

                                            the renown producer Terry Brown. Gary works with artists from Nashville, Tennessee,

                                            to Dryden, Ontario as a guitarist and producer, and is currently working on, Juno nominee

                                            Ray Lyellís next album.