Silent Night - Lorrainne Malyk


                                                                            Lead Vocals: Lorrainne Malyk

                                                                       Rhythm Guitar: Glenn Scheibler

                                                                            Lead Guitar: Tom Stratton

                                                                                Mandolin: Lawrence Russell

                                                                               Accordion: Jeannette Denby

                                                                            Bass Guitar: Ken Denby

                                                                  Harmony Vocals: Marci Anderson & Humberto Pacheco



                                              Lorraine Malyk                                          

                                              Lorraine has been playing guitar and singing since the age of sixteen. She has

                                              been lead singer with several bands: "Country Friends"....with Louie Haukeness,

                                              and Scott Moody, later included, Rick Smith, Tom Stratton,  Everett Rourke,

                                              and Colleen Nicoll. "Cross Road Country"....with Rick Smith, Tom Stratton,

                                              J.B Hewitson, Mark Schmidt, and Everett Rourke. She started at the Royal

                                              Canadian Legion Talent Shows where the "Ten Bucks on the Road" band was

                                              backup band, and Glenn Scheibler encouraged her to keep singing, and always

                                              asked her up to sing with his band. Lorraine has also been in a Gospel Group....

                                              "Outreach".......with Glenn Scheibler on rhythm guitar and vocals, Tom Stratton

                                               Lead guitar, Ken Denby on bass guitar and vocal harmony, Jeannette Denby

                                               on the accordion, Lawrence Russell on mandolin, Anne Vercruysse on rhythm

                                               guitar and vocal harmony, Karen Bevilacqua on organ and keyboard. This group

                                               has also made a CD. Lorraine's Traditional song on the Christmas Treasure is

                                               ..... "Silent Night"