Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Legacy


                                                                            Lead Vocals: Marci Anderson

                                                                       Rhythm Guitar: Jim Hannett

                                                                            Lead Guitar: Rod Parr

                                                                            Bass Guitar: Russ Stafford

                                                                                     Drums: Dale Ripley

                                                                  Harmony Vocals: Marci Anderson & Rod Parr





                                              A five piece band formed approximately 5 years ago, newest member Dale

                                              Ripley close to two years. Other members of the group are Russ Stafford on bass ,

                                              Rod Parr lead guitarist and vocal, Jim Hannette rhythm guitar and vocals Marci Anderson

                                              as lead singer. Legacy's former name was The Rugby River Band". They decided to

                                              change the name about 3 years ago Mark Jackson thought of (who at the time was our

                                              drummer suggested "Legacy" we all decided that this would be the new name. Marci

                                              especially liked the name because it represented carrying on her father's musical talents.

                                              Legacy has played in many different areas not only in Dryden but surrounding areas

                                              such as Fort Frances Kenora Ignace .Legacy also had the opportunity to open for

                                              "Doc Walker" this summer at the" Fort Frances Bass Championship "biggest crowd

                                              for Legacy approximately 15,00 to 2,000 people and what a party that was! Members

                                              of Legacy enjoy playing ,they all work really well together to produce many different

                                              styles and tastes that will please any crowd. Music will go from the 50's all the way to

                                              today's new country and soft rock of the eighties and seventies, including old country

                                              tunes .Legacy hopes they will play for many more years and have enjoyed all of what

                                              they have accomplished in these last five years.


                                             Marci Anderson

                                            As far back as I can remember I have been singing since the old eight tracks and old

                                            record albums. I would sit for hours and hours listening to Brenda Lee, Tammy Wynette

                                           and Loretta Lynn. In the neighbourhood I grew up in Fort Frances I used to go over to the

                                           neighbours and they would bribe me with some quarters to sing and dance to songs like

                                           "Rhinestone cowboy". Dad used to take out the guitar and we would have a blast listening

                                           to his goofy songs like Mule skinner, and Sheri Baby. The youngest performance I had was

                                           singing at Grandma and Grandpa Hewitson 50 anniversary my sisters and my cousin sang

                                           "you belong to me", I think we were only about 6 or 7.Alot of years passed and I would

                                           sing when my parents would go out for the evening and drive my twin sister nuts! I just

                                           remember being such a closet singer and no-one knew how much I really wanted to sing.

                                          Although when you hit the teenage years you become shy and I wouldn't even sing for my

                                          parents company, dad would try to get me to but I was too shy,.(hard for some people to

                                          believe that now). Music has been a huge part of my life it helped me through a lot of trying

                                          times in my life .I almost consider it to be almost therapeutic , it just makes you forget about

                                          all the things that are happening around you and all you hear is the music. I didn't sing in

                                          public until I was 23 in which that was a karaoke night down at Coaster's lounge ,which

                                          from then I became a hostess and ran the machine. Over the years I met up with some girls

                                          and we formed a all girl group called "The dirty Blonds"( all of us had the same colour of

                                          hair so one of the girls Shannon thought of it and we thought it was a pretty neat name.

                                         Ken and Jeannette Denby invited me to a telethon about 12 years ago and I thank them so

                                         much for believing in me,(looking back on some of those video tapes I think to my self man!

                                         I'm glad they believed in me )ha ha. 5 years ago I was singing at wedding and Russ Stafford

                                         asked me to try out for his band, I was so excited to be asked and I accepted and I have

                                         been with Legacy,(at the time Rugby River Band) ever since. Working with this band has been

                                         an amazing experience for me, it has brought me to heights I thought I could never reach. We

                                         opened for Doc Walker this year which was really neat and did this song for the Christmas

                                         album. I even got to sing a song with Jason McCoy who I met when he was here in Dryden.

                                         I 'm so blessed to have a husband and four children who allow me to be who I'm and support

                                         my efforts all the way.


                                        Russ Stafford

                                        My parents bought me my first guitar at the age when I was ten. For as long as I can remember

                                        music has been a part of my life. I started playing in my first band in the early 90's we were

                                        called "Countryside" We formed the band Legacy about five years ago, we all plan to be together

                                        for many more years to come. I believe music is a gift a musician is given by their family and if

                                        they are lucky, they are given the chance to share their gift with others.


                                        Rod Parr

                                       From age 15 when I started playing my brother's old guitar I was hooked on it. After cutting

                                       my teeth on church standards for 4 years with my friend and teacher Mark Fichault I set out

                                       on my own and met a group of young musicians at another church in Dryden and we formed

                                        "Mended Heart". We travelled a lot and played from Peterborough to Moose Jaw and anywhere

                                        in between for those who'd have us. A few years later we all parted ways and I was asked to

                                        join the only other contemporary local Church Band called "Gateway". After 2 records and

                                        line-up changes that saw another 2 former "Mended Heart" members join we continued countless

                                        concerts around the area and in Manitoba and had a lot of good times and met a lot of good

                                        people. While still in that band I was asked by a good friend and local musician Mark Jackson to

                                        fill a spot with him in a band called "Countryside" until they played out the last of their bookings.

                                        They were a good bunch of guys and willing to put up with my "experimental mistakes" so they

                                        kept me around 'til the end. At the time I had no idea I was taking over lead guitar from my now

                                       band mate Russ Stafford. After a short time off Mark had called about a few current and former

                                       OPP Officers who were getting their "OPP Bear Hug Band" together. We played a lot of schools

                                       and toured with John McDermott to open all his North Western Ontario shows including Dryden.

                                       I also played a stint with Bill Richards "Second Hand Band" from Kenora off and on for two

                                       years, had a lot of fun and learned a lot about living from those guys. In '99 I was a founding

                                        member of "The Rugby River Band" who would later become the band now known as "Legacy".



                                         Dale Ripley

                                         I have been playing around Dryden for many years in Rock, blues and Country Bands. Some

                                         of the groups were called Shades of Blue, the Hooks and now Legacy.


                                         Jim Hannett

                                         I started playing guitar when I was fourteen years old , I played in the good ole basement for

                                         years like a lot of musicians and some where around 94' I got into my first band, we were called

                                        Country side. We played a lot down at the Legion back then. In January of 2000' I got asked to

                                        play again in a new group that was called "The Rugby River Band" now known as "Legacy" and

                                        as of now we keep on playing for as long as people will have us. Jim Hannett rhythm guitar player

                                        in Legacy