C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S - Ken Denby


                                                                      Lead Vocals: Ken Denby

                                                                      Electric  Guitar: Gary Borden

                                                                     Acoustic Guitar: Steve Denby

                                                          Bass Guitar & Drums: Humberto Pacheco

                                                                               Accordion: Jeannette Denby

                                                                   Harmony Vocals: Chris & Steve Denby



                                            Ken Denby [Mr. Music]

                                            In 1955, Ken started his musical career with the country band “Curly and the

                                            Playboys” playing guitar and singing live on CKDM Radio on Saturday afternoons

                                            in Dauphin, Manitoba.  He has since performed in a variety of musical venues with

                                           numerous bands, and musicians in Manitoba, Ontario, and northern United States.

                                           Ken also formed “ the Denby Family Band.” He taught music for the Yamaha, and

                                           the Suzuki Schools of Music, and owned his own music store called  “Kenby’s Music”.

                                           He’s been teaching instrumental music privately in Dryden for 36 years, and has been

                                          on 12 recorded albums and numerous singles. Ken along with his wife Jeannette were

                                          happy to allow some of the finest musicians in Dryden to be a part of their great idea

                                          of "Sunset Country Christmas Treasures”

                                          Thank you to all of Dryden