O Little Town of Bethlehem - Glenn Scheibler


                                                                            Lead Vocals: Glenn Scheibler

                                                                       Rhythm Guitar: Glenn Scheibler

                                                                             Lead Guitar: Tom Stratton

                                                                                 Mandolin: Lawrence Russell

                                                                                Accordion: Jeannette Denby

                                                                              Bass Guitar: Ken Denby



                                             Glenn Scheibler

                                             Glenn’s first debut at singing started at the age of  3 in the Liddiett school in Manitoba.

                                             The song he sang was…”In the Jailhouse Now”. Everybody in the musical field knows

                                             who Glenn is.  He started playing guitar and singing seriously  in 1964. Over the years

                                             he has played with many musicians. “Ten Bucks on the Road” first came about with

                                            Glenn, Byron O’Donnell, Rick Smith, and Steve Warren.  One year later….Tom Stratton,

                                            and J.B Hewitson joined when Byron moved to Winnipeg. This band was listened to and

                                            enjoyed by many folks for many years, and their greatest accomplishment was that of

                                            doing a recording. Besides the “Ten Bucks on the Road”, Glenn was the leader of the

                                            Country Gospel Group “Outreach”  which also did a recording. Glenn has encouraged 

                                            many up and coming musicians to continue playing and singing. This was  noted at many 

                                            talent shows, and coffee house events.

                                            Glenn is our….. “Ray Price of Northwestern Ontario”