Grown-up Christmas List - Crystal Larocque


                                                                       Lead Vocals: Crystal Larocque

                                                                                Percussion: Humberto Pacheco

                                                                          Programming: Gary Borden



                                              Crystal Larocque

                                              My love for music started at a very young age.  Sitting on my parents bed singing

                                              the famous  “Teddy Bear” [Elvis] song while my dad would strum on his guitar.  I

                                              knew then that music was a part of my soul…. Music meant everything. Growing up

                                              in a small town, my family would always anticipate the next coffee house, fall fair, and

                                              talent shows.  My families push for me to sing, gave me the confidence to sing outside

                                              my bedroom. The church choir was where I learned to harmonize.  Singing for many

                                              years in church helped me feel free, singing with everything I had. In 2002 I had the

                                              experience of a lifetime.  Flying to Toronto to record two songs that my father wrote

                                              ……….  “Playing Hard to Get”, and “She’s My Daughter” I was able to get a small

                                              glimpse of what the pros get to do. Recently, I was honored to help put together one

                                              of the greatest fundraising ideas I had ever heard…..  The Sunset Country Christmas

                                              Treasures CD.   Singing Amy Grants…”Grown-up Christmas List”.  I’m having a blast.

                                              So from ages 3 to now, I’ve had priviledges some people could only dream of.  Singing

                                              everywhere from my parent’s bedroom, to church, the stage at the Patricia Inn, recording

                                              my father’s music, and now Sunset Country Christmas Treasures with so many talented

                                              artists, I truly am blessed.


                                           Gary Borden

                                            Gary is a Dryden grown guy.  He started his musical career out by playing drums,

                                            bass and guitar with the Borden Family Band. While living in Dryden he has had many

                                            an occasion to play with  Dryden’s  finest musicians, whether it be at a talent show,

                                            coffee house, telethon,  weddings,   the Legion , the Moose, or just fun get together.

                                            Moving away from Dryden, Gary has become a seasoned musician who has gained

                                            respect from his peers through his talent, and creativity. He is a graduate of Musician’s

                                            Institute of Technology, in Hollywood California, and has played and recorded with

                                            some of Canada’s top artists.  He has worked with several great producers including

                                            the renown producer Terry Brown. Gary works with artists from Nashville, Tennessee,

                                            to Dryden, Ontario as a guitarist and producer, and is currently working on, Juno nominee

                                            Ray Lyell’s next album.