The Christmas Song - Chris & Steve Denby


                                                                   Acoustic Guitars: Chris & Steve Denby

                                                                            Arranged by: Chris Denby



                                              Steve Denby

                                              Steve has been teaching music in the public school system, in Winnipeg, since

                                             graduating from the University of Manitoba in 1989. After working for 12 years

                                             teaching in at Ecole River Heights School, he now teaches at J. H. Bruns Collegiate

                                             where he teaches Concert Band, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, Jazz Guitar, Chamber Choir

                                             and Technical Music Production. He has just completed his 5th season directing the

                                             Bison Menís Chorus. Steve started his on-stage musical life at age 11, playing with

                                             his parents and, eventually his younger brother Chris, at social events, dances, and

                                             other celebrations. That would mean that he has been making music professionally with

                                             his dad, "Kenby", for 32 years, and with his brother for 30 years.




                                              Chris Denby

                                             Chris lives in Fort Frances, Ontario with his wife Sherree and two boys Alex

                                             and Jonathan. He has been in the school system for 17 years, teaching music,

                                             math and computers. Chris takes every opportunity to perform. He has performed 

                                             in and arranged musical shows every year since moving to Fort Frances and has

                                             contributed to many recording projects.